Let's start!


Maksim Borisov

Spline Mentor

Let's start our journey by understanding the difference between the Spline app and the other 3d tools.


My name is Max, and I'm happy this course is finally started. I hope you will like it.

This course consists of 22 lessons and 3 bonus lessons.

Every lesson is a prerecorded video; after each, you will find a summary of key things we learned and additional hints.
In some lessons, I will also share links to the Spline projects. So, you can duplicate these projects and play around on your own.

Spline is a fast-growing app; new features and updates are constantly released.

But don't worry, it is still the perfect time to start learning Spline. First, you need to understand the Spline logic, and then learning every new feature will be much easier.

☝️ Compared to the other 3d programs, Spline doesn't render scenes. From one perspective, a 3d scene made in Spline can't be hyper-realistic, as you may anticipate from professional 3d tools like Blender, 3DS Max or Cinema 4D.

However, no-render technology allows you to see the final result immediately, without waiting time. What you see in the viewport of the Spline app is the final result. The best thing is that no-render makes the Spline scenes perfectly compatible with the Web.